Individual ability is important not individual certificates

1. Identification:

Full name: Mohammad sadegh amine neyriz

Gender: male.

Marital status: married

 Children: 1

Father name: Abbas

Phone number +989174858218


Professional skill promotion education certificates

 CBT training completion (new pedagogical and advanced evaluation methods)

 IT training certificates from vocational organization

Networking and programing training certificates from vocational organization

 Cooperative organization courses training in Shiraz area institutes

 In-service pedagogy of computer for in-service teachers in kherame education department

 Several in-service training certificates at education department as follow:

1. Fifth grade of elementary school

2. Ninth grade technology work

3. Ninth grade mathematic

4. Increase technological work knowledge

5. Teaching high school, labor school and vocational institutes

Educational certificate: computer software technology engineer

Entrepreneurship (Fars province employer work society center)

Vocational certificates

1. IT, programming, ICDL training certificate

2. Vocational organization management certificate

3. MCSE2012 server management certificate

 4. Computer network technician certificate

 5. ICDL, vocational trainer at private institutes

6. Data banks and Dus at 1995 in maahshahr city

7. Black and white TV and radio repair certificate

 8. Color TV repair certificate

 9. Mobile repair certificate

 10. AutoCAD certificate

 11. Computer work 1&2 from vocational; organization

12. Vocational certificates from cooperative organization of Shiraz

 13. Professional skills promotion certificate 17.10.2015

 14. Internet café trainer certificate

 15. International stock certificate from vocational organization

 16. PHD programing

 17. Visual basic1&2 programing training certificate

 18. C-sharp programing certificate

Teaching background: teaching mathematic, computer and science, technological work, programing and computer at high school and vocational; school. Networking, fundamentals, hardware and visual basics, PHD, internet, and office (word, excel, PowerPoint) and simulation and technological work, designing, planning at mathematic major, teaching undergraduate computer courses (operational system, hardware, networking, engineering mathematics).


Node sell, monger, negotiation and sale principles, CRM, data market contrast and registration, canal development, agents affair preparation, environmental, outdoor advertisement methods, various commercial goods like banner, sticker, topper, brushier, leaflet, catalogue, , annual, seasonal, half year, strategy preparation in sale and improve sale, represent targets for firms in various time spans, market statistics, economic prediction of sale market, sale management diagram preparation, work improvement strategies with sale CRM, system co-workers and negotiation methods, nodal sale, canal, area, regional, network sales.

Industry acquaintance:

 building mapping auto cad, metal pieces production from maps, iron and aluminum welding and furnace coaching,  wiring and stable camera installation, BTS installation, architecture and masonry works ( brick works, tile works and arrangement,  intelligent complete building setup).

Press, drill and turning  industrial tools knowledge, piping stove and hot water utility installation, mixed box door metal pieces production, 

Firms railing production and assembly line-

Filter and stone crasher internal preparation.

 Medical science knowledge

Revolutionary guard physician assistant (27 month military service)

Radiology and body imaging devices AP& LATERAL and TIO&BOOKI

 Aerodynamic and FFS knowledge

First aid knowledge (4 years work at health department and 4 months in hospital)

Vaccination and injection knowledge- stitches and serum injection knowledge


 Institute manager: 4 years-

18 years teaching at various Shiraz institutes-

 17 years sale work in electronic and Novin Hamrah computer stores-

 5 years management at Omid sale site, computer, commercials & advertisement and electronic goods seller,

 3 years’ experience as gold Iran and Kish attract distribution companies marketer working as data market controller and it principal and agencies affair manager-

General and private teaching: fifth, sixth, seventh, eights, ninths grades mathematics at Tirazheh institute at paramount

2 years teaching experience as Shiraz Alavi non-benefit complex (IRIB), computer teacher from fifth grade at elementary school to 3rd grade at high school and technology courses

4years experience as Beyza Fara-technique complex-

 5 years’ experience of pars Faradanesh educational complex teachers-

 4 years teaching at Tirazheh institutes-

 2 years’ experience for Nasim and Mehr Gostar institutes-

 4 years’ experience ad trainer at   Shiraz Elm-o-Sanaat institutes

Stipend requested: Handsomely

 I received non-obligatory letter from previous occupations

For other backgrounds refer

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